True Diversification Strategies and 13 Wealth Management Issues of the Affluent

Do You Invest with a Plan or Do you just Invest without Planning?



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The Balanced Portfolio History of Investing
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13 Wealth Management Issues
You Gotta Have A Plan!

The 13 Wealth Management Issues

  1. Investing for Wealth Expansion and Protection (Asset Allocation, Correlation and Diversification)
  2. Insuring for Wealth Protection (Overall Insurance Plan, property-casualty, life, disability and long term care)
  3. Borrowing to Create Wealth and Protect Wealth (Appropriate and cost effective)
  4. Distributing Retirement Assets Tax-Efficiently (Investments and distributions – during life and at death)
  5. Protecting Stock Options and Restricted Stock (Exercise Plan/Taxation/Concentration Issues)
  6. Creating a Business Succession Plan (During life and at death)
  7. Naming a Power of Attorney(Who is it/Continuity within the estate plan)
  8. Gifting to Children and Descendants (Tax-efficiency and control)
  9. Gifting to Charity During Your Lifetime (Tax-efficiency and control)
  10. Titling Assets Properly and Tax-Efficiently
  11. Naming the Executor and Trustee Under Your Will and Trust (Who is it/Continuity within the estate plan)
  12. Distributing Wealth to Beneficiaries at Death (Tax-efficiency and control)
  13. Implementing Charitable Inclinations at Death (Tax-efficiency and control)
The 13 Wealth Management Issues Defined
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You Gotta Have A Plan
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